Sightings Database

Information in the database is collected from various sources submitted to different websites. It is only collected and stored in one place for research purposes. Each record will cite the website of origin.

CityCountyStateZip CodeDate of SightingLink to report
Slade Powell KY August 15, 1978
Stanton Powell KY April 20, 2004
Powell KY October 21-22, 2008
Stanton Powell KY December 22, 2015
Ransom Pike KY January 1967 and September 1993
Pike KY Winter 1990's
Pikeville Pike KY April 18, 1994
Virgie Pike KY October 1994
Pikeville Pike KY April 2005
Elkhorn Pike KY December 2010
Chavies Perry KY July 1977
Perry KY July 1986
Butler Pendleton KY 1964
Falmouth Pendleton KY January 2011
Owen KY May 1984
Maysville Noble KY November 5, 1980
Nelson KY November 1978
Bardstown Nelson KY July 2006
Mulenberg KY Summer 2012
Greenville Mulenberg KY December 5, 2013