The Cover Charge

During the show, you might have noticed that we do a small little thing called the cover charge. What is it you may ask? Well that is simple, we play a song from a metal band that is a cover of a song done by someone else. It isn’t always pretty, and sometimes isn’t something that actually needed to exist in the first place, however that is not why we play it.

We play it so you can have a chance to guess the name of the original artist. Be the first one to text us at the number given during the show and you will win a small prize from our sponsor, The Verse Games.

We will keep adding the items that we give away to the list below.

First give away went to Chris Woodsides – IN (he donated his winnings back to the studio)

Sean Brown, TX (Nightmare on Elm Street Playing cards)

Josh Wood, IN (Geek Magic 8 Ball)

This week’s show on Krampus we are giving away this…